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Our Story

PopLustrous was founded in 2020 by a pair of geeky soul mates based in Chambersburg, PA! We have both always been very creative individuals and needed a way to channel some of that creativity, we also both happen to have a mild candle obsession, which is how PopLustrous was formed. Whether we are binging our favorite anime, playing video games until the sun comes up or cosplaying as our favorite characters we are always brainstorming on our next product or improvement.


Fun, Unique, Modern

Our goal is to create something that brings back fond memories of your childhood like sitting in front of the TV shoving your face with cereal on Saturday morning while watching your favorite cartoons. We have spent countless hours crafting new signature fragrances and creating original artwork so we can bring not only our, but your favorite characters to life!


Hear from our buddies.

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