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Boozy Wicks
Cocktail Scented Candles

Beautifully hand crafted cocktail scented candles! Do you want to feel like a Viking then grab our Mead Hall Candle! Maybe you want to fill your home with the fragrance of that delicious Sangria you had while in Spain? Throw back an ice cold beer and light our Once in a Blue Moon, beer scented candle or maybe sip on a delicious margarita that inspired our Margarita-Chill candle. Still not your flavor? How about our Luck of the Irish, Irish Cream Scented Candle?

Our Boozy Wicks line of candles have been carefully developed for strong scent throw, optimal burn time and minimal soot. Kick back and relax with a PopLustrous Boozy Wick Cocktail Scented candle! Hand poured, 100% vegan soy wax, premium fragrances, Made in USA!

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