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RED FISH: Swedish Fish Scented Perfume | 1 oz. | Cherry | Gummy | Candy | Lingonberry

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Red Gummy Fish, like Swedish Fish, are one of our favorite candies!

We couldn't resist the urge to make a perfume that smells like them and it's been an instant hit!

We present to you, our RED FISH, Swedish Fish scented perfume!

Did you know that Swedish Fish are actually Lingonberry flavored? Though many think they taste similar to cherry, or black currant!

All of our body sprays, perfumes and colognes are hand crafted in small batches, carefully filled into glass containers with a metal spray nozzle, packaged nicely in a premium retail display box with super fun and colorful packing material!

We use only simple, pure, body safe ingredients in our personal fragrances.

These are available in limited quantities only!

Approximately 30ml/1 oz. These are hand filled and will vary slightly.
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