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OVOMORPH: ALIEN Facehugger Sugar Plum and Sangria Hand Crafted Soap w/ Facehugger Amulet inside! | Bath & Beauty | Gaming | Gift | Xenomorph

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You awaken suddenly in your cryogenic chamber upon the Nostromo, sirens blaring, no one else made it. You see a shadow move ever so slightly out of the corner of your eye, what was that?

You walk slowly towards the shadowed area and suddenly an unknown creature with a long whipping tail, and spider like appendages throws itself at yourself. What is happening? Is this how it ends?

While I don't think anyone wants to have a Facehugger attach themselves to your face and do the unquestionable, I do think any true ALIEN fan will want to try our OVOMORPH Soap, complete with a facehugger amulet embedded inside!

Our transparent green ALIEN inspired soap smells like Sugar Plum & Sangria.

CAUTION: Facehugger will not turn into a Xenomorph nor will it attach itself to your face, we promise!

We hand craft our soap bars using only premium, body safe ingredients.

Due to the nature of our product being hand crafted, color, texture, overall appearance and final weight will vary slightly.

This soap does NOT glow in the dark, the glow in the photos is for effect only and was achieved by shining light through the soap.

On average, these bars of soap weigh between 2-3 ounces.

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