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CALM YOUR ASS! | Amethyst, Coconut and Bergamot Scented Calming Soy Candle | Witchcraft | Magick | Wicca | Ritual | Gem | Intention |

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Our CALM YOUR ASS!: Calming Candles are specially crafted with great care and respect to ensure the best intention possible, scented with Coconut & Bergamot oil and topped with Lavender, Chamomile & real Amethyst.

Our line of Intention Candles are double wicked and are hand poured using approximately 8.5 oz of wax per candle.

Our Intention Candles are hand crafted in house using 100% ethically sourced Soy wax, real gemstones & crystals, herbs, plants, flowers, premium fragrances and colors.

Due to the hand crafted nature of our product, appearance, color, stone size, texture and overall appearance will all vary.

Size- Approximately 8.5 ounces+

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