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AVATAR: The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh's Blueberry Lemon Jasmine Tea- Hand Crafted Shea Butter Soap Bar | Geek Gift | Bath & Beauty | Anime

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You loved our Uncle Iroh Themed Candle enough to make it our number one seller, so we decided to expand our offering of our signature fragrance to include our Hand Crafted Premium Shea Butter Soap Bars!

Uncle Iroh says to treat yourself or a friend to a bar of our super lush, moisturizing, Lemon Blueberry Jasmine Tea scented shea butter soap! Listen to Uncle Iroh, for he is very wise.

Clear your mind, relax, enjoy. This is the perfect gift for any AVATAR: The Last Airbender fan!  We hand craft our soap bars using only premium, body safe ingredients.

Due to the nature of our product being hand crafted and hand cut, appearance and final weight will vary slightly. On average, these bars of soap weigh between 4-5 ounces. 

*Matcha sprinkle in photos for effect, soap will not come with matcha powder on top. 

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