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ALUCARD'S CHAMBER: Castlevania inspired Black Amber, Lavender, Cherry Scented Soy Wax Melts | Geek | Anime | Gift | Scentsy | Gamer

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Do you prefer wax melts? Perhaps you have a Scentsy warmer and want to try some truly unique fragrances that are small batch hand crafted in the USA? Our Wax Melts are perfect for you then!

"I'm half Vampire. Half of me wants you to step in close enough for me to bite out your throat." -Alucard from Castlevania 

There is no denying that Alucard is magnificent in pretty much every way. Ever since that spicy bedroom scene in the Netflix hit anime, Castlevania, his chamber has been on our mind.

As you enter Alucard's Chamber you are overtaken by the presence of Black Amber, Lavender and a hint of sweet Cherry, you cannot help but to give yourself to Alucard.

Size- Approximately 2.5-3 ounces. Our wax melts are hand poured and may vary slightly in color, appearance, texture & weight. 

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